The artwork of Michael Galovic follows three streams of imagery: Iconography, Contemporary Religious Artwork and Non Religious Artwork.

The iconography of Michael Galovic itself consists of replicas of existing, mainly old prototypes of traditional icons; then there are Michael’s versions of traditional icons still abiding by the rules of what constitutes a traditional icon, these are prevalent in his work.

Finally, there are so called “new icons”, created either for the saints who haven’t been previously depicted in iconography or are recently canonised saints, or are his newly created versions of icons: Hildegard of Bingen, St Patrick, St Finbar, St Brendan, St Francis of Assisi, St Francis Xavier, St Aloysius, St Therese Lisieux, St Marcellin Champagnat, St Peter Chanel, St John Baptist de la Salle, St Benedict of Norcia, St Philip Neri, St Charles of Mount Argas, , St Gerard Magella, Blessed Mary MacKillop (six different versions), etc.